Tips for Buying a Condo

Clear Sky Capital, Inc., operates out of Phoenix, Arizona. The firm concentrates on seeking out opportunities in the areas of real estate construction, development, renovation, and management in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Recently, Clear Sky Capital, Inc., purchased a complex featuring 102 condominium units.

Condos are perfect for newlyweds and singles looking for affordable housing, as well as seniors looking for a smaller, more manageable living space. Indeed, more and more people are turning to condominiums. Compared to apartment complexes, condos offer more diverse architectural floor plans: high-rise, low-rise, studios, one-bedrooms, and larger are available. More and more condo owners are going out of their way to entice prospective renters and buyers with unbeatable amenities such as swimming pools and gymnasiums.

When possible, individuals should purchase the largest condo they can afford. A larger property equals greater resale value when the time comes to sell the condo and move on. Additionally, consider the view. Condos with southern exposure let sunlight flood in, but this often means hotter temperatures during summer months.

Lastly, look for condos that come with at least one parking space. Tenants who don’t need their space can make a few bucks on the side by renting it out to other tenants.